Are you Vegetarian ?

A vegetarian diet is typically thought of as very healthy. But it is also very important to understand the possible pitfalls, as well as to enjoy the benefits that giving up meat may bring.

We generally feel that giving up meat and eggs is vegetarian diet, which is not so. Just check out the category you fit into.

Demi-vegetarian : Will usually eat everything except red meat. Sometimes poultry is also excluded, but fish is included, though may be eaten only infrequently.

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian : Will eat all dairy produce and eggs, but no flesh of any kind.

Lacto-vegetarian : Will eat all dairy produce, but no eggs or flesh of any kind.

Vegan : Eats only plant foods - no dairy products, eggs or flesh.

Fruitarian : Eats only fruits (at least 75% of diet), uncooked vegetables (mostly leafy), raw nuts, seeds and beansprouts.

Sproutarian : Eats mostly sprouted seeds, grains, pulses and rice.

Macrobiotic : Excludes all meat, poultry, dairy produce and eggs.

Note: The last three types of diets are not recommended by qualified nutritionist, as they will fall short of a variety of nutrients. The more restricted any diet is, the more chance that your full nutrient quota will not be met.

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