Is Solar Eclipse Harmful for Health ?

For all of us the sight of a Solar Eclipse is wonderful as well as highly intriguing. We consider ourselves so fortunate if we get to catch a glimpse of the Ring of the Sun. People all over the world get so excited by this celestial phenomenon. We also come across so many myths.

We Hindus, hold the sun in awe because it has awesome powers to create as well as destroy. So we are sometimes in great doubt whether to believe them or not. What to believe and what not to believe? Is there any iota of truth in those myths?

What we are concerned about here is, does solar eclipse harm our health?

We Hindus are of the opinion that we should not eat or drink during this period. Pregnant women should not venture outdoor otherwise the baby runs the risk of developing birth defects. Our ancient scriptures say that consuming food during this period activates the ‘Tamas Guna’(malicious and vicious thoughts) which creates great disturbances in the mind. That is why during Solar Eclipse we Hindus meditate and chant the Almighty’s name.

But till date science has not been able to come up with proper explanations to justify the above actions. It has not been explained what harm would happen if food is actually consumed during this period. On the other hand we all know that science has its limitations.

So finally it all boils down to our beliefs. If we believe in our scriptures and our ancestor’s wisdom then we better stick to them. But if you are guided by science then just go ahead and have a normal day.



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