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Memorable Experiences In The Kitchen

Way back in May 2009, when I was busy finalizing the new design of the site, I almost forgot that the time for evening snack was passing by.

Suddenly I heard some tinkling sound of utensils in the kitchen and to my surprise I found Juhi, my 3 year old daughter, helping her father to make a biscuit pudding for me. I was proud to see my cooking skills were sprouting in my daughter, though too early but as well said "There is no age for learning."

Though not very tasty but a very great and loving effort put in by my kid brought tears of happiness and pride into my eyes.

While we all three were having the lovely pudding, I really wanted the world to know my feelings. An idea popped up that my site is the best medium to do so.

My husband, who also happens to be the web architect of the site, suggested that why not include all the members of to come and share their own little sweet cooking memories as well.

It could be anything, your first day in the kitchen at your in-law's place, your sudden party planning, cooking to impress your girlfriend, or even how you managed after your cake over baked.

Anything.. could be anything... this is your platform.
Take out all your kitchen secrets which you haven't shared with anybody.

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