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Great Support By My Viewers

Thank you all dear visitors. Your support is very much appreciated and will always be remembered and cherished.


I am NRI staying out of India since last 5 years. B'coz of ur recipes, I am able to fill my belly. I will not die out of hunger and get Indian foods.

Rajesh Chawla, Lagos, Nigeria

I have read, visited so many websites (On cookery and recipes). I have seen
such a great balance in yours. Mainly you love what you do. You take so much of time on this and giving away so generously. So much to others. You get your fans involved, you cook with passion, love, care. You do such an
excellent job. I have never seen someone like you. Others just do it. However you do what you do with love, passion. While inspiring others. That's why I say you are THE BEST... You are an inspiration, a guide, a teacher, a friend. So no wonder God gives his blessings.
Susil Ratnayake (Sydney Australia) .

Susil Ratnayake, Sydney, Australia

I must tell you that your cooking site is an SOS for me...I have tried many recipes from your site and the food turns out to be lipsmacking!....and very easy to make. I thank you for the great pain and effort you take to keep the site updated.

Priya Jacob, Mumbai, India

Although I can't cook, I am quite fond of good and healthy food and highly appreciate this very beautiful and highly useful site created by you. I do visit your site from time to time and like it very much.

Mavjibhai Mumbaiwala, Mumbai, India

Ur website is amazing, very nicely designed, pleasing to the eyes and user friendly and yum recipes, keep up the good work. Lots of good wishes.

Azra Jafri

It was a great pleasure visiting the whole gamut of Indian Recipes. Your
book on mocktails was really helpful. It helped me impress mass.

Aaina Aggarwal

Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful recipe site!  I am very interested in easy-to-prepare Indian vegetarian recipes. I'll pass this website address on to all my friends who appreciate Indian food.

You have put such a lot of valuable information on this site to educate
beginners like myself. I will be visiting your site again and again to benefit from your expertise.

I wish you every success in this wonderful project.

Fiona, Australia

Thanks a million for helping women like me...I love to cook but because I
always liked having food cooked by mom never ever tried to do so. I am in
abroad since 9 years and was always busy with my work, but now my son is
growing and I want him to taste everything that my mom cooked for me. I
also want him to have home made food. I really appreciate  what you are
and wish you all the best and success in near future.

Sreya Datta

Great eBooks and very nice and simple and I have tried some of them and
have come out well.

It is very useful for a single person with the inclination and interest in
cooking to get along with the recipes. Thanks a lot for such simple and easy to make recipes.

Vijay Sunkara

l would like to thank for your 12 marvelous books on "Indian cooking recepies". I think you should sell the books, they are so good.........
........, once again thanks for your generosity.

S. Karunagaran, Malaysia

Thank you for keeping in touch and sending latest information about the recipes. I am an Indian but living in Mauritius. Your e-book will be very helpful for me...
Yours certainly met the mark.

Reema Gahlot, Mauritius

I am from Pakistan and now in Delhi for training. I am really happy for everything and enjoying different foods, loads of variety and very tasty...

Rubab Rasool, Peshawar, Pakistan

Thank you for that wonderful opportunity that will help me be a good cook after marriage !!
I shall be very thankful to u. Your are really very kind to provide me with such dishes. I tried to make chocolate cake..and it was delicious.
It is a very good initiative taken by you to prepare ebook on cooking. And now on Microwave dishes.

Himani Jain

Awesome! I appreciate the efforts you are putting in to collect and integrate the data. Making lives easier for others.

Rajan Kumar

An excellent site, very informative with some very interesting dishes. I am always on the search for something new and tasty. I like cooking and always search the net for new and interesting sites.

Shirley Coutinho

Thank you much for making such a wonderful site!!!!!
This site is covering almost every area of cooking....from snacks,
dressing to mock tails....and from calorie rich foods to diet control diets. This is one of the best site for cooking I have ever seen.
Now, after having baby, all of ur recipes are giving me helping in creating variety in my baby's food. I wish this site will grow for ever.......
Once again thank u so much Vaishali for making my life very

Amita Vij, Tokyo, Japan

Hi Vaishali. .so this is the way u reply ur viewers' mails and requests?? It's so nice of u. I requested u for a recipe of sugar-free cookie and u just did fulfill my request. thanks a lot..
Hope u will continue to amaze us with your yummy recipes..
Keep good working.

Akshita, Bilaspur, India

Thanks a lot for trying the recipes and uploading them. It must have been quite a work for you…... I can understand how tiring this must be... ... please take care and don't exhaust yourself.

Madhusmita Panda, Beirut, Lebanon

I have been reading the website and trying different dishes since quite a long time, and I must tell you that ur website is awesome. You are doing a fantastic job. I congratulate you for that and keep it up.

Shruti Kothari

Vaishali, a fantastic job. A neat and clear website. Though I
have not tried any of your recipes but am definitely tempted to.

Minal Bhagat, Kolkata, India

this is really a good effort by Vaishali Parekh to promote different cuisines of India..

Divakar Singh

This looks great.... I can see the effort you have put in to build this world. ... I will ask my mom and wife to go through your site for better perspective.

Alok Goenka, Pune, India

Your web page was extremely gud...Couldn't miss to put that content on my webpage  Do let me know if you have something new that i can put on my page. I would be really happy to do that.

Raghu K

Thank you so much for letting me download your e-books for free. I live in Portugal and it is really very difficult to get good English recipe books here. I have tried some of your recipes and I must say that they are really good.
I think you are very kind. Thank you once again and God bless you.

Cynthia Gracias, Portugal

... thanks for your mailing. I read your all mails, these are all very interesting and yours recipes are very delicious and interesting ...

Sumaira Tahreem, Pakistan

Vaishali, thanks for recipes, we have a small restaurant in Jodhpur and I try to make use of some easy recipes which are out of the way and very tasty and easy to make. Thanking you so much for being a good help.

Jagdish Bhai, Govind Hotel, Jodhpur, India

This is the best site that I have ever come across. Its laid out in a very simple and welcoming manner. The recipes are explained as if you are standing besides me in the kitchen......I just cannot wait to try the Best out of waste and Snacks... Thank you Vaishali for giving out the recipes..... You have just made my world better

Divya Chugh

When i received your mail inviting me to visit your site my first response was.."Oh another of those bulk mails...', then something about the words in the mail made me click on the link. But when went thru your site was amazed...a nice collection. I have downloaded all of your e-books, & am going to try them definitely
U R Doing A Great Job...
Thanks for the wonderful recipes...

Ravina Malik, Bangalore, India

Wow ! its good that u keep up with the clients... l have been trying your recipes and till now it was all success... do update me when u upload new recipes...


... thank u so much for ur so much informative n great emails about every kind of food. ...

Samina Butt, Lahore, Pakistan



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