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Who am I ?

Vaishali ParekhI am VAISHALI PAREKH, a resident of Kolkata, India. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and I just love to cook. My love for cooking is so Great that I keep on thinking and innovating.

My specialty is nutritious Indian Delicacies which are not high in calories and easy to cook. Even an absolute novice can give my recipes a try.

So many people started appreciating my cooking skills that I remain flooded  with requests for advice. Things came to such a head that it became impossible for me to help everybody, so hard pressed I was for time.


A thought popped up

Then my husband, who is my biggest admirer, suggested that I build a website where I can share all that I know about Indian Culinary Art. This way I can share with not only my near & dear ones but with anybody who likes to cook, like you! I know you like to cook, otherwise you would not be reading this page.

This site of mine has been appreciated by many people around the world as you would find below :

I must tell you that your cooking site is an SOS for me...I have tried many recipes from your site and the food turns out to be lipsmacking!....and very easy to make. I thank you for the great pain and effort you take to keep the site updated.

Priya Jacob, Mumbai, India

Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful recipe site!  I am very interested in easy-to-prepare Indian vegetarian recipes. I'll pass this website address on to all my friends who appreciate Indian food.

You have put such a lot of valuable information on this site to educate
beginners like myself. I will be visiting your site again and again to benefit from your expertise.

I wish you every success in this wonderful project.

Fiona, Australia

l would like to thank for your 12 marvelous books on "Indian cooking recepies". I think you should sell the books, they are so good.........
........, once again thanks for your generosity.

S. Karunagaran, Malaysia

Thanks a lot for trying the recipes and uploading them. It must have been quite a work for you…... I can understand how tiring this must be... ... please take care and don't exhaust yourself.

Madhusmita Panda, Beirut, Lebanon


...and many more. Check out for yourself.

If you think you cannot cook, then you are absolutely wrong. If you have never cooked then I would request you to give it a try following my simple guidelines.


Have faith in yourself

I guarantee that you would be able to do it and in the process you would be loved and admired by the people around you. I tell you it’s a great feeling!!

Previously, we used to cook out of necessity. But nowadays, it has developed into an art….a necessary art I might say. If you like to create and if you are an artist at heart then you definitely can be a great cook. I would literally hold your hand step-by-step and lead you to being a great cook.

Just imagine the kind of adulation you would receive!!

Consider me as your friendly neighbor who is ever ready to help you, and please drop in any time you feel like.

One last thing which I would like to mention before finishing the introduction is that my e-books on Indian cooking are not only for Indians or people of Indian origin. These books are for anyone who loves food and loves feeding others too. The secret of Indian cooking lies in the blending of spices and your instinct. That is why you would notice that the same dish prepared by different people, tastes different.

The instinct that I talked about would develop with time and practice. Indian spices and recipes are becoming a rage worldwide. That day is not far away when you would get to spot an Indian restaurant in every nook and corner of the globe. These e-books are my humble attempt to globalize Indian recipes.

Now, what is so great about Indian recipes? From where does that divine aroma, from where does that divine taste that stimulates the senses, come from?

Come Let Us Find Out !!!


Lets first explore the Cooking Terms and then we will learn more about the Spices We Use. You also need to know the facts about the Food We Eat.


Vaishali Parekh





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